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Sunday, May 9, 2010

short 16mm film I shot my 2nd year at Cal Arts.

mimic// from ashley k on Vimeo.

James and I shot this on 16mm tungsten film with a Bolex cam. When we learned we'd put the film in backwards, we expected to get nothing back but actually got some pretty cool flipped footage. The film is way darker than it should be and orange instead of blue. But I didn't want to let the footage go to waste. The story is still there. Enjoy!

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gh o s tss

First rough pass at this. Haven't been updating that much lately because I am down a scanner and taking pictures of drawings is a total bitch (lighting issues and all). This is going to be a pan scene for something I'm doing in Flash inspired by the song "When I'm Small" by Phantogram.

I brief update:
It finally looks like I'll be getting out of my house soon and moving down to beloved LA. I'm on hold at Superfad LA, Buck hit me up for another cell job at the end of this month, and another SUPER SECRET OPERATION THAT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DISCUSS is about to roll out in the next month or 2 with potential work opportunities there. So that's cool.
In other news, I'm making it a goal to finish at least one illustrative piece a day, whether it's digital or hand drawn. Mike Mitchell (RIP) once told Fur that drawing is a skill you need to constantly sharpen. Ideally you should be drawing almost 6 hours a day, which I can't say I'm doing anything near right now. But I'm going to start definitely making small goals for myself everyday. Work is going to start appearing more frequently on this thing. AND I AM EXCITED. AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

so yeah bye.

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So I've been tackling After Effects lately, which has always been a royal pain in my ass. It's still been pretty bumpy but I'm starting to get used to how it works.

I'm animating my kitty Misfit with the puppet tool. WEEE

We'll see how the next few weeks go.

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