Thursday, May 14, 2009

live from Seattle!

Hey guys.

So I'm in Seattle for the next 2 weeks working at Superfad studios.
Superfad? More like SUPER RADDD.

I'm working with Creek and Dylan on a commercial for Sharpie which should be wrapped up by the 29th, but may push a few days more.
In the mean time, I'm enjoying my super plush room at the Silver Cloud Hotel.

King size bed to myself? Sounds like a whole lot of WIN to me.

Gonna explore the city this weekend, if we don't get called in to work that is. The weather's supposed to be nice.
When this gig's wrapped up, I'll be headin back down to Portland for a week or two to tie up loose ends..aiming to be back home in LA by mid/late June but WE'LL SEE.
Time to tuck myself in for a night of Deadwood then off to sleep.